Why Choose Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc.

At Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc., we are gratified that so many clients have put their trust in us, and we work every day to continue to be worthy of their confidence.

Here are some of the many reasons that clients choose Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc. for their legal needs:

We have depth, as well as breadth, of experience.

Just as you’d rather be operated on by a surgeon who’s performed a procedure a thousand times than one who’s done it twice, it’s better to have an attorney who has handled situations like yours over and over. Allison Mendel has over 30 years of family law practice experience; Lori Colbert has 20. You can be confident that our attorneys know how to handle your case.

Every client’s story matters to us.

No matter how many years we have been practicing or how many cases we see, we remember that each client’s situation is once-in-a-lifetime for them. You will be treated with the respect, compassion, and attention that your life-changing situation deserves.

We are known for handling challenging cases.

Families are complex, and family law cases often are, too. Whether your case involves domestic violence, a partner in the military, multi-state or multi-country custody battles or other complicating factors, we are equipped to help you address and surmount the challenges your case presents.

We’ve successfully handled more appeals than most other attorneys.

Whether or not your appellate case is family law-related, our attorneys, some of whom have clerked in the past for appellate courts, are able to handle it. Stated simply, in an area where experience really counts, we have more experience than almost anyone else.

We are skilled in a variety of dispute resolution processes.

We always strive to resolve our family law cases with a minimum of conflict and stress to the family. Often this involves some form of alternative dispute resolution, such as collaborative law or mediation. However, we also have strong trial skills, and prepare meticulously for trial. If it’s the best way to resolve your case, we are able and willing to protect your interests through litigation. Our focus is never on what’s convenient or profitable for us, but on what is best for you and your family.

Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc. serves clients throughout Alaska, from Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley to remote villages. We invite you to contact Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc. online or at (907) 279-5001 to schedule a consultation, and discover for yourself the reasons that Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc. is the right firm for your needs.

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