In the Community

Each employee at Mendel Colbert & Associates, Inc. is required to spend two hours each month during paid work time doing volunteer work in the community. Employees perform a wide variety of services, including work on church activities, at the dog pound, political campaigns, nonprofit athletic events, State Fair, volunteering in schools, and many more. The firm also does various projects during the holidays, including collecting donations for the Child in Transition program of the Anchorage School District, which assists homeless children in the schools, and providing gift cards, movie cards and stocking presents for the youth at Covenant House.

Several firm members have volunteered for Anchorage's Project Homeless Connect. This is a one-day event, held twice a year, to provide access to housing, services, and hospitality in a convenient location to directly assist people experiencing homelessness in Anchorage. Over 40 vendors participated in serving hundreds of participants. It was a collaborative effort of service providers, government agencies, the private sector, and many volunteers. Services included medical and mental health, housing, dental, benefits, employment, legal, free eyeglasses, state ID, food, wheelchair repair, haircuts, childcare and more.

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