Same Sex Couples Should Consider a Wedding

Until now, the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) has decreed that the federal government cannot recognize same-sex marriages for any federal purpose.  This has meant that even if a couple is legally married, in Massachusetts, for example, the c…
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Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents

Ten Tips for Divorcing Parents By Mike McCurley and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Divorce is never easy on kids, but there are many ways parents can lessen the impact of their break-up on their children: 1. Nevery disparage your former…
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Maybe a Barracuda Attorney is Not What You Need

Often when stressful family problems arise, clients look for an attorney who can be a “bulldog” for them; one who is known as a “barracuda.”  We frequently receive these calls, and we are certainly qualified to act as your bulldog or your ba…
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We Now Offer Advice and Representation to Lawyers Facing Discipline Issues

Allison Mendel served for six years on the Alaska Bar Association Board of Governors, most recently as Board Vice President.  During that time, she had an opportunity to develop her understanding of attorney discipline issues, and how the Bar and th…
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Ten Myths About Divorce and Separation

Many clients come to us having been told information about divorce law, custody, separation, that is inaccurate or just plain wrong.  A few of these stand out as myths that we hear over and over.  This is the first installment of a series that att…
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Collaborative Practice Options Grow in Alaska

The Alaska Association of Collaborative Professionals was formed in 2008 to provide collaborative family law services to clients in Anchorage and beyond.  Attorneys at Mendel & Associates were at the forefront of this effort.  There are now twe…
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Collaborative Law Comes to Alaska

A new group is forming in Alaska to offer clients the option of a collaborative approach to divorce and domestic relations cases.  Mendel & Associates is at the forefront of this movement.  What is collaborative law?  Collaborative family law…
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